Slatwall Panels and Trim

HandiWALL® is the cellular PVC slatwall designed to help organize your life. Used as a stand alone system or as a complement to your existing home storage, HandiWALL® allows for a flexible layout that easily adapts to your storage needs.

With 7 eye catching color options and 4 enhanced wood grain finishes, you are sure to find one that will complement almost any design space.

2016 web HSW White
White Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Taupe
Taupe Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Gray
Gray Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Black
Black Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Antique White
Antique White Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Graphite 2
Graphite Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Silver 2
Silver Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Maple
Maple Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Oak
Oak Slatwall Panel

2016 web HSW Beachwood
Beachwood Slatwall Panel

Driftwood Slatwall Panel

Slatwall Panels come in 8' lengths.   Four 12" high panels per carton cover 32 square feet.
Panels have a tongue and grove design and can be cut horizontally or vertically making installation simple and easy regardless of available wall area.


The Large J Molding can be used to finish off any exposed ends of the slatwall.
It can also be used to create a frame around smaller portions of slatwall.

Large J Molding, 96" Long


PTHST1008L - White
PTHST2008L - Taupe
PTHST3008L - Gray
PTHST4008L - Black
PTHST5008L - Maple
PTHST6008L - Oak

PTHST8008L - Antique White
PTHST13096L - Graphite
PTHST14096L - Beachwood
PTHST15096L - Silver
PTHST16096L - Driftwood

Color Strips are a fantastic way to add an appealing accent color to any size HandiWALL®.
And with the addition of Color Strips to match the color of the HandiWALL®, you can completely hide the screws.
Great for retail branding or enhancing the look of any garage or residential space.

No glue or adhesive necessary, simply push the color strips into the HandiWALL® grooves.
Color Strips will not affect the installation of accessories.

2016 web Color Strips
Color Strips, 96" Long.

AHSCST1008 - White
AHSCST2008 - Taupe
AHSCST3008 - Gray
AHSCST4008 - Black
AHSCST5008 - Maple

AHSCST6008 - Oak
AHSCST8008 - Antique White
AHSCST9008 - Orange
AHSCST10008 - Red
AHSCST13008 - Graphite

AHSCST14008 - Beachwood
AHSCST15008 - Silver
AHSCST16008 - Yellow
AHSCST20008 - Blue
AHSCST21008 - Driftwood

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