Wire Management

These Grommets organize and control wire feeds to desktop work surfaces. Telephone wires, computer keyboard cables and desk lamp cords are easily managed.


51mm  (2")
PI-GR51-WH (White)
PI-GR51-BK   (Black)
PI-GR51-GR   (Grey)
PI-GR51-BR   (Brown)

60mm  (2-3/8")
PI-GR60-WH (White)
PI-GR60-BK   (Black)
PI-GR60-GR   (Grey)
PI-GR60-BR   (Brown)

70mm  (2-3/4")
PI-GR70-WH (White)
PI-GR70-BK   (Black)
PI-GR70-GR   (Grey)
PI-GR70-BR   (Brown)

80mm  (3-1/8")
PI-GR80-WH (White)
PI-GR80-BK   (Black)
PI-GR80-GR   (Grey)
PI-GR80-BR   (Brown)

Cable Grip

The HandiSOLUTIONS® Tool Grips can also be used for Cable Management.
These grips feature an intelligent design that allows wires to slip into the unit and stay in place without the use of any accessories or adhesives.
These grips can be placed anywhere you need to get wires under control, such as the bottom of the desk, sides of work stations, walls, or even on top of a desk.
They can also be mounted to the slatwall, either horizontally or vertically using the locking accessory clips. (click here for information on the Tool Grips)